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“South Africans marching to the Nigeria Embassy to protest in Pretoria could spark another new wave of Xenophobic violence” – Nigerian Union SA warns



A new wave of Xenophobic violence is setting its way into the country after Nigerian Union in South Africa warned that the planned protest to the Nigerian Embassy office in Pretoria by the South Africans could possibly result in another week of bloodshed.

It is believed that the planned march to Nigerian embassy purportedly is against drugs and human trafficking in South Africa which many syndicates actively involved in are Nigerians.

According to some reports gathered, A pamphlet for the protest, planned by an organisation called Action for Change (AFC), reads #SaveOurChildren their lives matter too. No to GBV. No to human trafficking. We can’t be silenced anymore. We plead to all South Africans to come and join us as we do a demonstration protest on the Nigerian Embassy.”..


Already many South Africans have started raising a stern warning that they will send Nigerians back to their country and as well shut down their embassy in the country and this is raising an eyebrow with many thinking what the outcome of the protest will be.

Last week 16 South African girls were rescued from Nigerian Human trafficking Syndicate and with the weight of the situation in the Country the whole planned protest could possibly escalate to violence if the government doesn’t act soon, xenophobia attacks will be out of control.

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