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Resultat Lotto Ghana lotto Midweek banker today 2 September 2020, Predictions, 2 Sure Forecaster



Ghana Midweek Lotto Forecast, Original Lotto Forecasters, Advance Ghana National Lottery Forecaster & Statistics, Midweek Lotto Results For Today, Ghana.

Ghana lotto Midweek banker today 2 September 2020, Predictions

Prediction #1: ((60))-((62))-61-34-30

Prediction #2: ((43))-((2))-35-72-18

Prediction #3: 15-((3))-((1))-21-5

Machine #1: 80-68-32-73-87

Machine #2: ((24))-((84))-65-86-82

Machine #3: 79-((53))-((45))-46-78

Lucky Numbers, NLA Best Bankers, Best (Two) 2-Sure For Today 02 Sep 2020 – GWS Online GH

Stand-By: Perm( 84_2_53_35_61_[1] )

The NLA was originally established as the National Lottery Department in 1958 with the authority to organize raffles for the public to enjoy and win prizes. In 1960, the Lotto and Betting Act 94 was passed into lottery law in Ghana with the aim of raising funds to support the country’s development.

Fifty years ago, the NLA transformed into a former person as a Public Service Center known as the Department of National Planning (DNL); has been transformed into an independent public service support center, with legal authority in the lottery planning in Ghana, and one of the most important roles in both public finance and service delivery.

Therefore, in 2006, with the passing of an Act of Parliament, the National Lotto Act 722 gave birth to the National Lottery Authority.

Hands Platform
The first Director of the Department, Mr. FW Brennan, from Malta, introduced the first Fixed Odds Lottery in Ghana, known as the 5/90 Fixed Odds game because it involves choosing five winning numbers out of 90. The first draw was made on September 29, 1962.

The lottery coupons used at the time were commonly referred to as “Manuals” because Lotto Receivers, which re-sold the physical Lottery Products, typed the numbers selected by the customers in these coupons and were twice sent to the Lottery Authority before the draw was held. The winners of the competition are hand-picked by DNL staff at the sold lottery stocks.

Coupon by machine
The growing popularity of the lottery game, the growing support of the late 60s and 70s and sometimes human error in writing coupon numbers and the selection of winners resulted in a Mechanized Lotto Coupon. A new coupon was launched in 1979 to address the inefficiency of manual coupons.

The new coupons gave lotto stakers / players the opportunity to select their five (5) lucky numbers from 1 to 90 numbers printed on coupons by issuing selected numbers.

With the launch of these coupons, the winners are selected by feeding a machine made specifically of ‘qualified coupons’ which will then select the winning coupons from the ones that did not win. Winners are paid after a period of 1 month thus reducing the payment period for book tickets which was 3 months.

Coupon Universal Manual
Machine Coupons were terminated in 2001 due to a lack of replacement parts and high maintenance costs for printing and filtering equipment. This also paved the way for modernization, expansion and automation of lottery operations. So in 2003 a new coupon known as the Universal Manual Coupon was launched. The NLA has introduced Universal coupons that can be used to sell all their products or games at any time without having to return unsold coupons to the NLA.

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