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Who is Manqoba George AKA Big Bucks – This is the man that shot Mluleki Wiseman Mbewana to death In Rich Durban



As we reported earlier, His victim Mluleki Wiseman Mbewana was brutally murdered last week at a parking lot outside Rich Durban by this man Manqoba George AKA Big Bucks in Rich Duban.

According to sources, He is a very feared man that’s why no one wants to testify against him. People who know the two of them said that Manqoba verbally abused him, he then shot him, execution-style in a parking lot filled with a lot of people.

Why did he shoot Mluleki Wiseman Mbewana to death?

Junior Da Rocka posted about this on his official Facebook page and urged people who know what happened to testify or tell the police about the perpetrator’s whereabouts.

A lot of people have been sharing this and asking for people who were there to let the police know. Currently, no arrests have been made, the police are not doing anything.

People are demanding justice.

He was killed in a very brutal and unjust way. People are tagging police stations and Bheki Cele in his pictures. People will not stop until justice is served.


#Justice4mlooh trends on the social media after the viral video of how Mlooh was shot dead a few days ago in rich Durban

According to the footage, the guy was so casual after shooting Mlu that he had to be dragged away from the scene in a packed parking lot, no arrests, nothing has been done to him.

A lot of South Africans are calling on the security service and police to serve justice immediately. Delayed is justice denied.

Mluleki Mbewana was popularly known as The Drip King according to many of his fans, He has been a great game-changer, lover of many folks and his sudden death has caused a great loss and deep mourning on the social media.

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