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This 20-year-old Woman “Lauren Wittering” has an allergic reaction to all food, suffers severe symptoms even with the smell of food



A woman who loved to eat has become a body that develops severe allergic symptoms no matter what foods she eats after the onset of illness.

“I still suffer from the symptom of losing consciousness even with the smell of food. “Daily Star” and “WalesOnline” reported.

Lauren Wittering (20), who lives in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England, loves to eat and often goes out with friends to enjoy fish and chips.

But four years ago, something went wrong when Lauren was 16 years old. At first, during a chemistry class at school, I had urticaria when I used a liquid containing alcohol. In the diet, eating soy products began to cause symptoms such as urticaria, light-headedness, and palpitation, and allergic symptoms began to appear when dairy products were ingested. Lauren, who was hospitalized because she was not feeling well, was diagnosed with “systemic mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS)” six months later.

In this disease, mast cells, which are responsible for the immune response, cause an excessive immune response to foreign substances that have entered the body, causing serious anaphylactic symptoms such as dyspnea and impaired consciousness.

Lauren says, “If there is something that causes an allergic reaction nearby, urticaria will appear all over the body and you will have difficulty breathing, your heart rate will rise, and you will faint.”

For a year after the onset, Lauren was able to eat only five types of food: chicken and rice, potatoes, carrots, and broccoli. However, at one point, eating even these five foods caused anaphylactic symptoms.

I have become allergic to all foods.

Lauren, who was unable to eat, was hospitalized again and lived for two months on tube feeding, which feeds directly from the tube to the stomach. He used to use a hypoallergenic tube for allergies, but Lauren also had an allergic reaction to it, and now he lives by feeding directly into a large vein near the heart.

Lauren said, “I get allergic reactions to food, alcohol, smoke, perfume, etc. When I went shopping with my mother, the woman next to me opened the disinfectant gel and immediately got anaphylactic symptoms. Has come out. ”

Lauren, who has lost 32 kilograms in two years and currently weighs only 41 kilograms, says, “I was keenly aware of how important food was in my life because I couldn’t eat it.” Although he cannot eat, Lauren is now living positively with the dream of becoming a dietitian.

“I’m waiting for a clinical trial of a drug being developed in the United States. I hope this drug works and I can eat food again,” Lauren said brightly.

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