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Popular Pakistan Soft Skills Trainer, Moomal Asif Loses Husband



Moomal Asif the founder of Peace.Mind.Body, Weight Loss Enthusiast, Soft Skills Trainer, Author and a multi-talented entrepreneur lost her husband today. Moomal’s husband, Zohaib Akhlaq was on bed rest after surgery.

The skill trainer had earlier requested for prayers from fans after revealing that her husband hip bone has fractured in an accident and will undergo surgery.

Read Below Moomal Asif of Peace.Mind.Body® last post About Her Husband Before His Death

Since morning we were struggling to get my husband admitted. Our system is so pathetic that I’m extremely disappointed today. However, can’t thank Allah enough. Since morning we now got the room at midnight.

My husband’s hip bone has fractured in an accident. His surgery is due tomorrow. Please we need your prayers in this difficult time. May Allah give him a speedy recovery and insha Allah he will be fine Insha Allah. Never imagined him in this state and I only want him to be all well very soon insha Allah.

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