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Microsoft has compiled the ranking of countries that execute the highest number of hacks



The technology company denounced that Russia tops the list. In the last two years, he ordered 13 thousand attacks on different international targets.

Hackers based in Russia are responsible for the majority of nation-state cyberattacks – those sponsored by governments – against Microsoft customers in recent years, according to new data from the company.

Microsoft Corp. has issued 13,000 alerts about attempted nation-state cyberattacks to its customers in the past two years, and 52% of these are related to Russian hackers, whose targets ranged from elections to the Olympics, according to a published report. on Tuesday. Iran was responsible for a quarter of the alerts, while China was responsible for 12%. The rest of the nation-state activity observed by Microsoft came from North Korea and other countries.

The Russian hackers have focused on elections and political organizations in several countries, as well as non-profit groups, professional services and higher education, according to Microsoft. Hackers linked to the Kremlin also tried to infiltrate 16 sports and anti-doping organizations on three continents amid doping investigations on Russian athletes.

The Iranian hacking has also been prolific, according to the report, and has maintained a focus on American politics. Only in August 2019, Iranian hackers attacked 241 accounts Microsoft associated with a presidential campaign the United States, current and former US officials, journalists and politicians have known Iranians living abroad. While only four of these attacks were successful, Microsoft anticipates increased activity as the US election approaches.

Hackers based in China have ” attempted to obtain intelligence on organizations associated with the upcoming US presidential elections, ” according to Microsoft. Those hackers have also been actively involved in cyberattacks related to medical research. Among multiple attempts to hack medical research institutions in the United States and Asia, hackers from China attacked an unnamed American university that was researching a coronavirus vaccine in March.

China is one of 16 nation-state actors that Microsoft has observed targeting customers involved in global COVID-19 response efforts. The targets of these attacks have included global humanitarian and medical aid groups alongside government healthcare organizations.

China was also the victim of attacks that sought to take advantage of the pandemic. “ China, the United States and Russia were the most affected, but every country in the world had at least one attack related to covid-19, and the volume of successful attacks in countries affected by the outbreak increased as fear and the desire for information, ”says Microsoft’s report.

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