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Husband Lends his wife to his brother-in-law as collateral for debt, wife refuses to return after repayment



Zimbabwe has come up with a topic that seems to prove that women’s feelings are fickle, as the saying goes, “Women’s heart and the autumn sky.” The woman was forced to live the nightlife with her brother-in-law as collateral for her husband’s debt, but she fell in love with him. “Daily Star” and “” have reported.

In the Republic of Zimbabwe in southern Africa, the conflict between brother-in-law has attracted people’s attention. Anthony Kabanda, who lives in Manicaland Province, has alleged that his brother-in-law had robbed his wife, Tafadzwa Matura.

Anthony decided to borrow food, alcohol and money from her brother-in-law, Daniel Masikati because her life was difficult and she couldn’t afford her child’s tuition.

And Anthony offered to spend his wife Tafadwa with Daniel between 10 pm and 4 am as collateral until he repaid.

Daniel was once married to Tafadwa’s sister but died in an accident a few years later. Anthony knew that Daniel had the loneliness of losing his wife, so it seems that he had sexual intercourse with Tafadwa as collateral.

After that, Anthony finally reached the repayment date,

Mr Tafadwa wanted to live with Mr Daniel. Apparently, Tafadwa’s life with Daniel was satisfying.

Tafadwa seems to want to spend the rest of his life with Daniel, and in a media interview he put his head on Daniel’s shoulder and said, “He’s my best lover.” He also revealed that his husband, Anthony, “he doesn’t have a minute in bed.”

On the other hand, Anthony, who is not convinced by Mr Tafadwa’s change of heart, sued the village leader that Daniel “scammed her with black magic and magic.” “I will fight until I die to get my wife back,” he said.

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