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Controversy springs up in Spain over Neymar’s millionaire debt with the Treasury



In a series of reports by AFP, the Tax Agency has published a list of defaults, which contain debts or penalties of more than one million euros, including not only the Brazilian star but also clubs, even an Argentine player.

After having been one of the figures in the last PSG game – 2-0 win against Reims and awaiting the decision that the Disciplinary Court will take for the incidents with Álvaro González on the occasion of the classic against Olympique de Marseille , Neymar Jr. is involved in a scandal with the Spanish Treasury after the Tax Agency published a list of defaulters that includes debts or penalties for more than one million euros.

The Brazilian was present in the report released by the public entity since, apparently, he has a debt of more than 34 million euros, pending payment as of December 31, 2019. In this way, the forward is the largest debtor natural person of the Treasury.

Last summer, the Spanish press had already revealed that the Iberian country’s treasury was claiming almost 35 million euros from Ney for alleged tax fraud from when he was an FC Barcelona footballer, but until now the information had not been officially confirmed. According to the document, the exact amount that appears next to the name of the star emerged from Santos is 34,624,268.60 euros (approximately 40.5 million dollars).

This body, which confirmed that it is the footballer’s first appearance on the list, did not specify the origin of the debt or whether it is linked to his controversial signing for Barça in 2013 , the origin of several legal lawsuits.

Thousands of individuals and companies also appear on the list of debtors such as Real Murcia , with 10.7 million euros; the Hercules , with 3.7; the Lleida Sportiu , 1.5; the Real Jaen , 1.2; and Reus Deportiu , with 1.1. In addition, other identified were the former Argentine soccer player Gabriel Milito (1.8 million) and the former Spanish motorcycling driver two times world champion Alfonso Sito Pons (1.9), who had already been on the record since last year.

To appear on the payroll, various requirements must be met, such as having exceeded the deadline to pay off the debt and not having regulated the situation before December 2019, according to this body. It should be remembered that, in recent years, several footballers have been under the focus of the Spanish treasury, among them the Argentine Lionel Messi , Javier Mascherano or the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo , all convicted of tax fraud.


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