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Comment on the report of living with her sister ex-husband, Ryan Dorsey: “For my nephew” “I don’t care what things look like” – Nikaela Rivera speaks out



Actress Naya Rivera (33 years old)’s ex-husband and actor Ryan Dorsey (37), who died in an accident on Lake Piru, California in July, begins living with Naya’s sister and model Naya Rivera (25). , Naya and Ryan’s son George (5) were reportedly helping to raise children. “I’m showing up for my nephew,” Nikaela said on her Instagram statement.

Actress Naya Rivera , who played the role of Santana in the US TV drama “glee,” went missing on Lake Piru, California, where she visited with her son George on July 8, local time, and went on a six-day search. It was found in the body at the end. After that, George was taken over by his father Ryan Dorsey and still lives with him.

The Daily Mail Online reported that Ryan started living in a new house with Naya’s sister and model Nikaela Rivera on September 28th. The media caught Ryan helping Nikaela carry her luggage as she moved from her home in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles to her new home on September 6. Two days later, the two carried furniture out of Ryan’s home and headed to a mansion with a pool for a monthly rent of about $ 5,000 for a moving rental car driven by Ryan.

On the 9th, while Ryan and Nikaela happily worked in the garden of their new house, George was playing while being watched by them. Then, on the 19th, Nikaela and Ryan visited the large supermarket “Target”, held hands on an escalator, and paparazzied to shop in harmony.

“They were chatting happily all the time, apparently trying to cheer each other up,” said the person who saw them.

Hours after this report Nikaela made a statement in her Instagram story.

“At this darkest time of my life, the only thing that matters to me is my family and friends. It’s painful to go out on my own, but this is how I expose myself to my nephew. I don’t care what it looks like, because no one can see the moments of suffering that we endure. ”
” The most important thing I’ve learned is to show compassion. Don’t make arbitrary decisions about others, and don’t take this moment for granted. I hope you all do the same. ”

In July, when Naya passed away, Nikaela posted a photo of her sister’s memories on Instagram with a memorial message. This is a monochrome shot of Naya Rivera kissing her sister Naya’s cheek when she was young.

Nayaela said, “To my sister. I can’t find a word to express my love for you. Whether we are together or far away, our connection is endless. Our bond is unbreakable.” Was spelled out.

The image is “NICKAYLA RIVERA Instagram” Always … “dated August 25, 2016, Instagram” Sister, There are no words to describe my love for you. “Dated July 25, 2020, Instagram” GINGER “dated October 1, 2019. “Dorseyryan Instagram” Happy Fathers Day from my gang to yours out there! “Dated June 22, 2020”

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