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Who Is Wang Yun? Wang Yun Kindergarten Teacher Sentenced To Death For Poisoning 25 Students With One Losing Her Life



A Kindergarten identified as Wang Yun has been sentenced to death by the Jiaozuo Intermediate People’s Court on Monday for positioning school children with a dangerous substance.

The death sentence also accompanied depriving Wang her political rights for life. Wang and the person in charge of the kindergarten will jointly compensate plaintiffs of a civil suit.

According to reports from the court, Wang Yun poisoned the children with a substance which was identified as Nitrite (A carcinogen and heavy metal, which harms the liver and kidney) into the children’s food.

The court said it finally sentenced Wang to death after combining the sentences of the two crimes.

Wang sought revenge on another kindergarten teacher, surnamed Sun, over disputes when she prepared sodium nitrites and put them into a porridge that was the extra meal for children in Sun’s class on March 27, 2019, according to the ruling.

Wang’s move resulted in a total of 25 children poisoned. All became sick and one died.

During the case hearing in July, Wang, 37, pleaded guilty and showed her willingness to pay the victims, saying she unintentionally harmed the children and had no idea they would be ill after eating the porridge with the chemicals, according to Shanghai-based online news portal

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