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Meet Lithin Cruzz, Popular Tiktoker



Meet Lithin Cruzz Tiktoker

Who Is Lithin Cruzz?

Lithin Cruzz in his early 20’s is a popular Indian Tiktoker who is well known on Tiktok for posting comedy videos alongside his male friends. Though his profile is nowhere to be found on the public domain, the Tiktoker has amazed millions of followers on social media. Lithin Cruz was a former Model at Freelance Photographer, Musician & Model. He is from Kochi Kochi (A major port city on the south-west coast of India).

Lithin Cruzz who constantly post videos two or three times a week has topped his Tiktok page with over five hundred thousand followers and twenty million likes. He joined Tiktok last year 2019 and till now the page has been growing.

Before becoming a Tiktok star, Lithin worked as a photographer at Director of Fashion and Branding at L7 Studios and designer of fashion at B12 Store.

Is Lithin Cruzz Dead?

On September 28, 2020, unconfirmed news flooded the social media which claimed that Lithin Cruzz TikTok has passed away. The death news of Lithin Cruz which has not been confirmed by any verified news website or family member has thrown fans in shock and confussion. Another unverified source claimed he committed suicide but that just rumours till a family member confirms it. Is Lithin Cruz Dead or Aliev? Sadly The Tiktoker is dead.


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Death – the last sleep ? No, it is the final awakening…💔😭 #lithinfans #lithincruzz #RIP #kerala #kochi #missingyou

A post shared by fav of all Divin tik toker😍 (@divin_ever_mine) on

Fans has trooped to the social media to pen down their RIP’s for the late Lithin Cruzz who passed away unexpectedly few days ago. The actual cause of his death is still yet unknown.

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