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Former best friend Jordin Woods isolated by Kylie Jenner “I am now because of that incident”



Jordin Woods received a “public execution” from the Kardashian & Jenner family in February last year due to a flirtation with Chloe Kardashian’s lover. More than a year and a half has passed since then, on the 27th of this month, Jordin appeared on a YouTube program, and a look back on the quagmire drama at that time was delivered.

It was in February last year that Kylie Jenner ‘s childhood friend and business partner, Jordin Woods, was reported to have an affair with Kylie’s sister Khloe Kardashian ‘s lover Tristan Thompson .

A reporter who was present at the party said on SNS that Tristan seemed to be intimate with Jordin at the party held in Los Angeles and that Jordin was spending time with Tristan until 7 am Since it had spread, it quickly became known to the public. People were chilling about Tristan, who was a flirtatious addict, but with Jordin,

“It’s the worst to flirt with my best friend’s sister’s lover !!”
“It’s good to betray the Kardashian & Jenner family who made me feel like a family.”

The net went up in flames. Chloe and Tristan were catastrophic due to this matter. Jordin was forced to leave the guesthouse of his best friend Kylie, who lived at the time, and was forced to withdraw from the business he was working with as a partner, losing his home, work, and friendship overnight. It was.

After that, Jordin appeared in “The Red Table” by Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, who longs for her family, and tearfully explained the situation at that time.

It may have been a misleading atmosphere or situation, but he denied the flirtation that “Chloe and Tristan were not the cause of the catastrophe,” and at the same time reflected on his actions and begged for the Kardashian & Jenner family.

Jordin’s tearful appeal was also empty, and his friendship with Kylie never revived, and Jenner, who had been “publicly executed” by the Kardashian & Jenner family, was in a state of gaixia. He is active in a place that has nothing to do with the family.

Jordin recently appeared on the YouTube program “Now With Natalie”, and at that time he was deeply hurt by slander on the Internet, no one could trust him for a while after the riot, and his life changed dramatically since then. I confessed that I had done it. However, with the passage of time, the news went down, and now that he has grown up as a person, he seems to be able to see things objectively, and Jordin learned from a series of quagmire plays as follows. Expressed in.

“Various happenings are inherent, but I think that’s what life is all about.”
“The important thing is to acknowledge the facts that happened, explain them properly, and take responsibility.”
” Lack of explanation or what I did. Unless I can admit that, my wounds won’t heal. ”

If you regret what happened or mourn forever, you can’t move forward.

“It may take a month or a year to stop being trapped in the past, but at least we have to start praying to move forward.”

In a series of reports, many people were hurt and lost a lot of themselves, but “I am now because of that incident” “I am much stronger than before” “I showed a positive attitude.

Recently, Jordan Woods has been enthusiastically working on TV appearances such as the drama “Grown-ish” and the popular reality show “The Masked Singer”. This month, his girlfriend, Karl-Anthony Towns of the NBA “Minnesota Timberwolves,” released a swimsuit shot on Instagram, and both public and private are doing well.

The image is a screenshot of “HEIR JORDYN Instagram” DIGITAL COVER GIRL “dated September 16, 2020, Instagram” I found you, then I found me “dated September 27, 2020.

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