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American rapper King Face reportedly dies at the age of 38



There is sad news circulating the entire social media that the American rapper King face is dead, He died at the age of 38.

KingFace died from a Kidney Infection that Spread Throughout His Body lately.

His death news was made public through a Twitter post shared by D’Challa:

“I’m hearing that Kingface died. I’m completely indifferent to his life/death. I’m not gone sit here and give my condolences and shit like that. It’s fuck him in life, so his death means nothing to me. Nevermind the questions surrounding his death.”

In an Instagram Live, Stefan Urquelle, aka iamjayo, revealed that KingFace has been in a coma following a kidney infection that had spread throughout his body.

Stefan added that Kingface “wished” his health condition to be kept away from the media spotlight.

About months ago a lot of fans on social media got worried about him following reports that he has been in a coma and has serious health issues.

Social media became the go-to place to check the latest news and updates about celebrities and online influencers.

Fans often become concerned when celebs are not active on their social media profiles and take to Twitter or Instagram to share speculations.

That’s the case with KingFace whose followers have shared concerns about his health.


Who is King Face

KingFace, whose real name is Larry Henry, is an online influencer with 147k followers on Instagram.

He was born in Florida and moved to Brooklyn with his father when he was 3 months old.

KingFace has been a keen supporter of Donald Trump before and after he became the President of the United States.

His popularity grew further after appearing in an episode on The Candace Owens Show where he got interviewed by political commentator Candace Owens.

KingFace is often recognised on the street, especially when he wears his ‘MAGA’ (‘Make America Great Again’) hat which became popular as Donald Trump’s slogan during his 2016 presidential campaign.

In another Instagram post, which shows KingFace in a hospital bed with a ventilation mask, Stefan wrote:

“@kingface_f1 my brother my right hand my partner in crime they say don’t question God but I can’t take another one for months. We kept it a secret concerning ya health because is was what you wished you didn’t want anyone in ya business.

“You called me while you still had ya own strength and before you were placed into a coma and you are slowly declining. I know if anyone can bounce back you can and I’ve been there every step of the way you gotta fight bro. I can’t take another one.”

After that, Bryson Gray tweeted: “KingFace is currently in the ICU. The go fund me is on @IWashington page. He has been in a coma since July. He needs our prayer. He needs our support.”

KingFace is currently in the ICU. The go fund me is on @IWashington page. He has been in a coma since July. He needs our prayer. He needs our support.

— Bryson Gray (@RealBrysonGray) August 26, 2020

Fans on social media have shared messages full of love and support, wishing KingFace a speedy recovery.

One person tweeted: “I hope for kingface’s swift recovery. I pray for peace. I pray for tolerance. I pray even though I don’t know if god is real, or which to pray to.”

Another one added: “I’m praying for a speedy recovery. Kingface we love you man. No sickness can smack you around.”

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