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Truck crashes into multiple vehicles in Stapleton Road Pinetown KZN near Engen Garage



Truck crashes into multiple vehicles in Stapleton Road Pinetown KZN near Engen Garage.

Viral footage posted online showed the moment the truck crashed into multiple vehicles whose drivers immediately jumped off.

The actual cause of the crash is still not yet known, but a woman and her daughter could be seen in the video running along the roadside as the truck went further off the road and crashed around the roadside.


We cannot reveal if there was any casualty record, but we believe that police and emergency service department are already at the scene of the accident.


Reports from the paramedics has revealed that the driver of the truck died in what was described as a freak accident in Pinetown, west of Durban, on Monday night.

Leon Fourie of Life Response said the accident took place at the intersection of East and Stapleton roads. A truck collided with four vehicles in the intersection, he said.

“The driver of the truck got out of his truck and was speaking to metro police when he got back in and tried to reverse his truck. He jumped out of his truck and the truck gained momentum going down Stapleton Road, pushing the cars with it,” said Fourie.

“The truck driver attempted to stop the truck and when doing so fell out and hit his head on the road. The truck driver passed away while his truck was out of control. The truck driver was not injured by the runaway truck.”, There were no other injuries reported.

The truck ultimately went down an embankment and into the wall of a home, causing “severe damage to the property and two vehicles inside the property”, added Fourie.

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