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Seema Sehra Dies Unexpectedly



Seema Sehra has sadly passed away. She was reported to have died unexpectedly today September 27, 20202. Her cause of death or what led to her sudden demise was not made known to the public.

She was described as a kind-hearted woman who touched the lives of people around her community.

Her husband TJ Lottay is organizing a fundraiser via Gofundme to help for her funeral expenses. More than a hundred people have donated and over $10000 has been raised. You Can Donate By Using This Link DONATE.

As posted in her GoFundme account

Dear friends and family,

Seema Sehra was a light in everyone’s life. Her husband, TJ Lottay is devastated by the loss of his beloved wife. We, as her friends, recognize that we have lost such a beautiful, positive soul and the most supportive friend you could ask for. The void she has left in our hearts can never be filled but the memories she gave us will never leave us. The memories we have of her fill us with love and yearning. TJ is surrounded by his friends and family to help him in any way that we can at this time. The last thing he should worry about is finances and how to give Seema the funeral she deserves and the one we all desperately need. Please contribute in any way that you can: kind words and any dollar amount you can afford at this time. We thank you all in advance; with peace and support, may we all find the strength to honour her.

To TJ we want to say that Seema herself once said it best when she spoke of you: “Sometimes I feel as if I have known you before. Perhaps in a different life where we vowed to find each other over and over again”. TJ, she will find you again. We all love you so much!

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