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Moment a woman discovered that her boyfriend hadn’t washed his pillows for 10 years (Video/Pictures)



The shocking fact was discovered by a woman that her boyfriend who was always sleeping next to her hadn’t washed his pillow for 10 years.

The young woman offered to buy a new one, but because her boyfriend refused, she washed the yellow pillow and finished it in a pure white pillow. When a woman posted a pillow-washing process on TikTok, it became a hot topic with over 1.4 million views. “Metro” and “Mirror” reported.

The woman living in the United States learns of the shocking fact that her boyfriend’s pillow, which was sleeping next to her every night, had never been washed for 10 years. I told my boyfriend that I bought a new pillow, but he refused because I liked the old pillow. My boyfriend’s pillow has passed the yellowing and turned brown.

The woman decided to wash her horrifyingly dirty boyfriend’s pillow. If you know the fact that you haven’t washed it for 10 years, you won’t be able to sleep next door. While my boyfriend was going to work, I started washing three dirty pillows.

First, dissolve tablet detergent for dishwasher and borax powder, which is a kind of detergent, in a bathtub filled with hot water, and immerse the pillow in it. Then, poke the pillow with a stick many times like pushing and washing, and push out the dirt. Add additional bleach to it and use a stick to push and wash again. Put three pillows in the washing machine to wash, and finally dry for 54 minutes to complete.

When you open the washing machine, there is a white pillow like a new one.

A surprising before and after. “Maybe he won’t notice that he’s washed. I’m going to sleep well because the pillows are clean,” the woman commented in the video.

A video of the pillow cleaning process was posted on TikTok and has been played more than 1.4 million times as of September 27th. People who watched this video said, “I feel like I’ve seen a crime.” “10 years of sweat, dead skin, sebum, bacteria.” “You should change your boyfriend instead of changing your pillow. Hygiene is important. It seems that many people were shocked by the fact that the pillows have not been washed for 10 years.

By the way, according to the original “charismatic housewife” Martha Stewart, it is ideal to wash the pillows twice a year. Mark R Neustrom, MD, a specialist in allergies and asthma in Kansas, said, “Dirt, sebum, and dead skin cells collect on pillows, and house dust mites prefer to get into the gaps between pillows. It’s invisible, but it’s also densely populated on the beds and carpets, “he said, and he wants to wash regularly to maintain hygiene.

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