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JUST IN: The 3 police officers accused in the murder of Eldorado Park teen denied bail


The 3 police officers who were arrested following the killing a teenager, Nathaniel Julies in Eldorado park has been denied bail.

On Monday 28th Septemeber the three accused officers, Simon Ndyalvane, Caylene Whiteboy and Foster Netshiongolo appeared in the Protea Magistrate’s Court in Soweto earlier today.


The two officers were said to have headed to Freedom Park near the Eldorado Park and found a crowd of people drinking alcohol.

According to News24, the prosecutors Mzwandile Mrwabe said Sergeant Simon Scorpion Ndyalvane, 46 and constable Caylene Whiteboy who is 23 went on a wild shooting spree which eventually killed the young Julies.

Mhango says accused number two, Caylene Whiteboy didn’t only receive death threats from accused number one, Sergeant Simon Scorpion Ndyalvane she was also threatened by the community of Eldorado Park.


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