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Former coach of U6 Boyne Rugby team, Andrew Dobson has passed away



The former coach of U6 Boyne Rugby team, Andrew Dobson has died, Andrew Dobson’s death was confirmed by Boynerfc on Sunday 27th September 2020.

Although the source was not able to relate the actual cause of Andrew’s death his death has left many people in shock and in great sadness.

Andrew began his coaching career with the then U6 Boyne rugby team way back in 2012.

His total commitment, persona and passion for coaching and the game is a testimony to the large group of players and coaches which is evident today (40 players & 10 coaches).

Andrew had an uncompromising vision and ethos for the squad that we will humbly endeavour to fulfil to its fruition.

According to reports gathered, Andrew will always be remembered for his good humour, smiling face and his great popularity with all the players.

Andrew was known for always making out time to speak with parents and opposing coaches alike and had an easy knack of making people feel welcome.

He was highly respected and liked by all that had the pleasure of meeting him and the entire U13 Rugby team alongside with the lovers of Rugby worldwide will miss Andrew dearly.

On behalf of Boyne U13 Condolences to Jenny, Amelia, Pierce and Melissa.

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