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A voice eager for Tokyo 03 Iizuka as a judge of “King of Conte”



The decisive battle at the top of Tale “King of Tale 2020” was held on the 26th, and the laughing combination Jaru Jaru, who became the challenge for the 13th year, won the long-cherished championship. This year, 10 groups advanced to the final and showed off the whole story, but the judges are Bananaman (Osamu Shitara, Yuki Himura) and Summers (Masakazu Mimura) from the 8th (2015) this year as well. Kazuki Otake), and the same face of downtown Hitoshi Matsumoto. It seems that many viewers mention the judges on SNS.

Not only in “King of Conte” but also in the young manzai contest “M-1 Grand Prix”, Jaru Jaru (Shusuke Fukutoku, Junpei Goto), who has a feeling of being a regular in the finals, finally won the championship. At that moment, Fukutoku was deeply moved and wept, but even on SNS, voices such as “I’m glad Jaru Jaru”, “Jaru Jaru’s story was interesting”, “I think the moment when I achieve my long-standing goal is amazing” Flew around.

Winner Jaru Jaru (The image is a screenshot of “Comedy Day Instagram” King of Conte 2020 “dated September 26, 2020)

And the other thing I see is comments about the judges. Even after the end of the tournament last year, there were many voices on the net saying, “I want you to change the faces of the judges soon,” but this year too, the same five judges met.

In “King of Conte”, each judge scores with a maximum of 100 points, and the total score of the five judges (out of a maximum of 500 points) is the score. The top three groups will show off the second story, but the total score of the two stories will be the final score.

Therefore, even if you put it in the top three groups, if the first story is too low, the victory will be difficult.

Same as last year, 5 judges and moderator Masatoshi Hamada (The image is the screen of “TBS TV Advertising Department Twitter” From 6:55 onwards, the final “King of Conte 2019” “dated September 21, 2019” shot)

Regarding this judge, there are many requests on SNS that “I want you to increase the number of people” and “I want you to have one person from the combination”. In other words, if you count it in combination with a small number of 5 people, it will be 3 groups.

Viewers seem to be worried that the direction of the material and the tendency of the material they like may be biased in the same combination.

“Is it necessary for two judges to leave the combination?” “Two groups of two judges are biased toward the judges.” “Isn’t there five judges?” “Increase the number of judges, or one from the combination or group. There are comments such as “People are better”, “Isn’t it the same from the perspective of seeing laughter when there are two combinations among the judges?” Be done.

Among the five, the Bananaman / Osamu Shitara judge was well received, “It’s wonderful because Mr. Shitara carefully looks at the contents and composition of the contest and makes comments.” “Good,” “Mr. Shitara’s comments were accurate and groaning,” “Mr. Shitara is making a decent examination,” and “Mr. Shitara is too talented as a judge for the contest.” Specific selections other than the current judges include Tokyo 03, Satoshi Iizuka , Sandwichman, Takeshi Tomizawa , Bakarhythm , SISSONNE, Jiro , Ungirls, Takushi Tanaka , Robert, Ryuji Akiyama , Viking, Eiji Kotoge , Rahmens. Kentaro Kobayashi and others are mentioned.

Some voices wanted Ucchan Nanchan’s Teruyoshi Uchimura .

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