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Giant coconut crabs appears in large numbers due to the smell of barbecue in Australia (Pictures)



A large number of giant coconut crabs appeared to a family enjoying a barbecue on a remote island in Australia. There was no damage such as injury, but the food was stolen. “The Sun” and “” are reported.

Amy Luetich, who lives on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean, about 2600 kilometres northwest of Perth in Western Australia, was having a barbecue for dinner with her family. However, for a short while, a large number of coconut crabs appeared around me because of the good smell of burning food.

The coconut crab is classified as the largest type of crustacean on land, and it grows up to 1 meter in size and 4 kg in weight when its legs are spread, and is said to live for more than 50 years. It has large hand scissors and legs that look dangerous, but it does not attack people and often robs tourists of food. This time too, a picture of a coconut crab climbing a table and trying to eat food was photographed.

Amy described the situation at the time: “When I arrived, there were about 20 coconut crabs under the tree, but as soon as I started baking the ingredients, a large number of coconut crabs appeared, and my son counted 52.” It is revealed.

Coconut crabs are often seen on Christmas Island due to the largest number of coconut crabs in the world, but this time more than 50 coconut crabs appeared at one time. Amy also said she was surprised, “I’ve had barbecues in the same place several times in the past, but I’ve never seen so many coconut crabs.”

The image posted on Facebook at the Christmas Island Tourist Information Center.


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