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Odette Maddern Death – Few Things You Need To Know



Untold Australian fans mourn the death of Odette Maddern who died after a long battle with Cancer. She was a sister of Clayton of Shauclay Fishing Traces.

According to Yep I’m On Fishing shared that Odette died last year August in 2019.

“I’d like to take a moment to share with everyone a very important episode of Untold Australia on SBS tomorrow night.

It follows Odette Maddern, (the sister of Clayton of Shauclay Fishing Traces) who bravely battled terminal Cancer and the planning of her own funeral.

Sadly Odette passed away just under a year ago, but her memory lives on through her family and friends.

Clayton and Shauna and the rest of the Odettes family, we will be thinking of you and the bravery of Odette as we watch her journey.

Please people, if you get a chance, switch over and check it out.
Cheers .”

Odette is among the less than 10% of Australians who bravely confront their mortality by planning their own funerals.

She was definitely a strong, determined and inspirational woman.

Watch Her Funeral Video

Read Reactions From Netizens On Her Funeral Video

From Amy Harvey –

Odette is amazing, dealing with such a heavy subject she still has her sense of humour

From Sarah Price –

I don’t get it, I don’t care what happens after, preferably be donated to science and take the burden away.

From Kitty Maree –

A funeral or some kind of memorial service is important for your loved ones & the people who want to say goodbye. It’s closure & can assist greatly with the grieving process. Not recognising the passing of someone gives no way for many people to say goodbye. I am still lost in grief & unable to move forward after someone very close to me insisted that there be no funeral or service. Nothing at all. Death & dying are not just about the person who passes away but also the grieving folk who are left behind.

From Katie Falzon –

I’ve spoken with my parents about this stuff and told them to seriously start thinking about it all. I have no idea what they would want. They’re both in their 70s and still pretty healthy but I guess you never know what’s around the corner….


What is Untold Australia All About

Untold Australia is a live tv show that is thought-provoking four-part documentary series explores the life changing milestones of everyday Australians. Can six individuals with intellectual and learning disabilities learn to love, and be loved?

What lies behind the hidden world of the funeral industry? Can family ties suffer in the battle between old and new values?

Can one transgender woman’s trailblazing mission change the face of a conservative country town?

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