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Designer Leader, Pradeep Nayar Has Passed Away



Designer Leader, Pradeep Nayar Dies At 42

Designer Leader, Pradeep Nayar has sadly passed away. He was reported to have died on September 19, 2020, at the age of 42.

He left behind his parent, Pankajakshan Nayar and Prabha Nayar; his wife Soumya Radharaman; and his children, Aarav and Aanya

Pradeep Nayar is a design leader who has worked in larger organizations to drive digital transformation by embracing lean practices and design thinking methods & frameworks. He believes in a human-centred approach to problem-solving that builds upon the strengths of human empathy to drive innovation and out-of-box thinking.

Pradeep currently plays a leadership role for teams across multiple geographic locations and enjoy rallying the troops to spearhead initiatives with a joint mission. He is a bridge-builder, collaborator and future vision thinker that likes to imagine the future of products with solid grounds on what is technically feasible and financially viable today with the eye for what can be possible tomorrow.

He has had the pleasure of being in large organizations that have gone through agile transformation several times and have led UX teams in agile environments regardless of what flavour of agile you follow: Agile Scrum/XP/Kanban and SAFe framework.

He was the VP of Global Digital Product & Design for Hyatt Hotels Corporation for a year.

Pradeep bagged his master’s degree, human-computer interaction, 3.97 from the DePaul University.

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