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Laudium Shooting Today: Bengali man killed in Laudium following a shooting outside Centurion



A 19-year-old foreign national, allegedly a Bengali, was killed in a shooting on Tuesday night.

The incident took place on 9th Avenue in Laudium CBD at 6 p.m. Just before 30.

A Centurion resident allegedly turned himself into Laudium police after the incident.


The incident happened in Taj Street around 17:40, said Ibraheem Dockrat of Laudium Disaster Management.

“The man had a single gunshot wound to his neck,” said Emer-G-Med spokesperson Jacho van der Poll.

“Resuscitation efforts were continued until an advanced life support paramedic from Netcare 911 arrived on the scene. He then determined that the patient had no chance of being revived and declared the man dead.”

The details are vague, but according to unconfirmed reports, the shootings followed what the neighbours described as “violent fights”

Van der Paul reported that police arrived at the scene, calmed family members and passers-by.

Members of Laudium care Netcare 911 emergency medical services were called to the scene. As soon as Arrival arrived, paramedics were told that the victim had already been taken to Laudum Hospital in private.

The victim was presumed dead on arrival at a local medical facility.

Local police are investigating the exact circumstances of the incident.

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