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WFNZ Assistant Program Director & Producer, Mark Seidel Has Passed Away


Mark Seidel Dies At 37

WFNZ assistant program director and producer, Mark Seidel has sadly passed away. Mark Seidel was reported to have died over the weekend at the age of 37. He died from an unexpected massive heart attack.

His sudden demise was announced by his friend Travis Hancock in a series of tweets via his twitter handle.

The tweets read below:- With much sadness I say RIP to our WFNZ brother Mark Seidel. I’m heartbroken. We were HS classmates. We crossed paths again when he got into radio in 07. He was a gentle soul who I have never heard a person say a bad word about. He deserved a long and happy life. We are crushed.

Seidel started working as the assistant program director at WFNZ in 2019 though he was radio career began in 2007. He worked seven years as a board operator and producer for Bustin’ Loose with Frank & Moose in middays on the station in addition to contributing in other areas. He was recently working behind the scenes on ‘The Clubhouse‘ with Kyle Bailey, and also had helped out Nick Wilson and Josh Parcel, while lending programming support to program director Terry Foxx.

He worked with Lotus broadcasting as program director in 2015 and left in 2019 to join WFNZ.

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