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Eastenders’ Chantelle death has been revealed, Guess who kill her


It is revealed that Chantelle Atkins will leave Eastenders, and will be killed by her husband, Gray as the horrific domestic violence story ends.

According to Thyson, Gray will kill Chantelle in Tonight Eastenders (September 18) when she is forced to declare that she will leave him after the escape plan goes wrong.

In EastEnders the movie began sowing the seeds of Chantelle’s tragic end during last night’s episode when she packed her bags and put the wheels of her escape plan into action.

But Gray was furious when he found out that Chantelle had booked a vacation without telling him, and he convinced her parents to allow the children to stay home with him in an effort to regain control.

Chantelle will meet a tragic ending as she continues to try to escape Gray’s clutches.

With Gray convincing Chantelle’s parents to let the kids stay home, Chantelle goes on vacation without them.

When Chantelle tells Mitch that she misses Mia and Mac, he does his best to fix things and returns to Walford to fetch it.

Chantelle is thrilled that her escape plan may work after all but she is horrified to realize that Gray accompanied Mitch on his return.

To make matters worse, Gray doesn’t wait long to insist on his return, Chantelle and the kids to Walford.

When Chantelle and Gray return to Walford, the defeated Chantelle finally says she will leave him.

EastEnders has yet to confirm details of what will happen next, and viewers will have to watch to find out.

Speaking about why Chantelle decides to escape to a women’s refuge rather than confiding in her family, actress Jessica Plummer said: “Chantelle’s parents have a relationship with her husband, so for her to tell her parents is to potentially not escape. Gray is clever, he’s smart and he’s not going to let her just walk out of the door. I think it’s easier for her to just run.”

Talking about the tragic end to the harrowing storyline, Toby Alexander-Smith – who plays Gray – said: “It’s certainly going to be a shock for the audience and I think that it is important that it concludes in such a tragic way.

“So we’re encouraging women to speak out before that does happen because sadly it is happening. And it’s happening more and more frequently.”

He added: “And the importance of this storyline is to give the women courage to speak out and to know that people are listening and to know that there are services out there to help. As shocking as it is to watch hopefully it will give the survivors out there the courage to reach out and get help.”

Executive producer Jon Sen previously explained: “Chantelle’s story is such an important one to tell accurately and upon both characters’ inception we planned her tragic ending with the intention of embedding the stark reality of domestic abuse at the heart of the Atkins family.

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