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Dobre Brothers – What You Need To Know!


The internet can be somehow confusing, with lots of information flooding into the social media and news website one can be misled by misinformation.

This morning news from an unverified source claimed that one of the Dobre brothers died. Many searches on google popped in – Search questions like is Marcus Dobre really dead or alive?, What happened to the Dobre brothers? Did the Dobre brothers dad died? Did one of the dobre brother died? – These few out of the many questions that flooded the search engine.

What Happened To Dobre Brothers?

First of all, we will like to confirm to you that nothing happened to the Dobre Brothers. The four brothers are very much alive and doing fine. A few days ago they hanged out together to celebrate Darius birthday which their dad was present to witness. Though Marcus Dobre has not been very active on Instagram. They are still posting new videos on their Youtube channel which rakes over nine million views.

Is Boz Mofid, Dobre Brothers Dad Dead?

This was another misinformation that started trending on social media today and gotten so many confused. Boz Mofid, Dobre Brother dad is not dead, nothing happened to him. A few days ago he seen taken a photo shoot with his children were they celebrated Darius birthday. Last Boz Mofid celebrated his birthday, though he is not very much active on social media, Boz chooses to live a private life.

The YouTubers celebrated their dad’s birthday and shared a picture of him on their Instagram page. They captioned it – Happy birthday Dad! We love you so much! Thanks for being the best dad in the world and always looking out for us.


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Happy birthday Dad! We love you so much! Thanks for being the best dad in the world and always looking our for us ❤️

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Who Are The Dobre Brothers?

The Dobre Brothers whose names are Lucas, Marcus, Cyrus, and Darius are popular American YouTubers who are known for their dancing and skitting skills.

The Dobre brothers produce a diverse range of video content, including skits, pranks, gymnastics, challenges and vlogs.

Dobre Brothers”, with their older brothers Cyrus and Darius Dobre-Mofid, post vlogs two times a week.

Their dad Boz Mofid is from Iran while mom, Aurelia who is a retired gymnast is from Romania.

Aurelia Dobre was also a member of the silver-medal-winning Romanian teams at the 1988 Summer Olympics and the 1989 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. However, her career was cut short because of two major injuries and a growth spurt.

Their family altogether have over 30 Million subscribers on YouTube.

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