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BREAKING NEWS: Trump admin bans Americans from downloading or maintaining the WeChat or TikTok apps



Trump admin is banning Americans from downloading or maintaining the WeChat or TikTok apps.

WeChat transactions prohibited starting Monday at midnight.

Tiktok will shut down Nov. 12 if there’s no deal by then.

The admin says threats posed by WeChat and TikTok are not identical, but are similar. “Each collects vast swaths of data from users. … Each is an active participant in China’s civil-military fusion and is subject to mandatory cooperation with the intel services of the CCP.”


Three officials told Reuters that the Commerce Department plans to issue an order on Friday banning people in the United States from downloading the video-sharing app and the Chinese-owned messaging app WeChat.

Officials said the ban on new US downloads of TikTok could be rescinded by President Donald Trump before it goes into effect late Sunday, while TikTok owner ByteDance is racing to seal a deal on the fate of its US operations.

In August 2020, President Trump issued executive orders that would effectively ban two major Chinese apps from the US market. The requests state that, 45 days from now, Americans will be prohibited from conducting any transactions with the parent companies of TikTok and WeChat – that is, the United States.

Companies and individuals cannot advertise using the platforms, offer them for download via app stores, or enter into licensing agreements with them.

The decision will have immediate and long-term implications for US companies and consumers, on US-China relations, and on the broader struggle over the future of the Internet.

Still on That, ByteDance has held talks with Oracle Corp and others to create a new company, TikTok Global, that aims to address US concerns about the security of its users’ data. ByteDance still needs Trump’s approval to stave off the US ban.

The Commerce Department order will “cancel” the two apps in the United States and prohibit the Apple Inc app store and Alphabet Inc on Google Play and others from offering apps on any platform “that can be accessed from within the United States,” an official told Reuters.

Officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the announcement has not yet been made public.

The order would not ban US companies from doing business on WeChat outside the US, which would be welcome news for US companies like Walmart and Starbucks that use WeChat’s “widget” software to facilitate transactions and engage consumers in China.

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