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A lady From Gauteng shares how an attempted kidnap on her by dark men in a white Corolla was foiled by a woman in Mvusuludzo



Lady shares an experience of kidnap attempt on her around Mvusuludzo in Gauteng, according to her the kidnappers who were driving a white corolla pulled up in front of her before asking her about directions.

From Blessing Machaba in Gauteng

Please read her story below and share.

“I was walking in town today from Thavhani mall to Mvusuludzo on the right side, it’s a path that most people don’t use. A white Corolla car pulled up in front of me coming from that street on the four-way road, two dark guys came out of the car and they started asking me directions to a place I don’t even know.

So when I told them I don’t know the place and started walking away suddenly one of them came up to me and again started pulling and forcing me to get inside the car until one woman came up and rescued me and she threatened to call the police, that’s when they got inside their car and drove away”

She advised that if anyone sees a white Corolla pulling up in front of you and there are two dark guys asking for directions please kindly do not stop if possible call for help immediately.


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