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14-year-old Jonathan Cupp, son to Kyle and Genece is dead



We are saddened to announce the passage of Jonathan Cuppett the son of Kyle and Genece from Oregon has died, Jonathan died on 17 September 2020 at the young age of 14-years.

Jonathan’s  family has revealed that he died from a brain injury  he suffered 2 days ago  in the hospital in the presence of his parent.

In an Official Family statement dropped  reads:

My long time friends, Kyle and Genece, have suffered a great heart-rending loss today when their 14-year-old Jonathan passed on from this life. They have been through so much – their hometown was severely hit by the worst of the Oregon forest fires smoke and ash, all during being stuck in the middle of this pandemic. From the goodness of your heart please consider donating to people that I love dearly, by helping in the way we can, to alleviate some of their sufferings. Peace to us all.

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Our dear friends Kyle and Genece lost their second child, Jonathan, on September 17th at 2 A.M. He goes to join his sister Vivian who passed after her birth in 2009.

Jonathan suffered a brain injury 2 days prior, and died in the hospital in the presence of his parents, who were with him when his heart stopped. Though his death was sudden, his siblings were able to see him the night before he died.

Jonathan was a good kid —14 years old, bright and imaginative, and so full of love for his family, friends, and dog Willow.

This comes at a very hard time for the Cupp family —not only in suffering this loss of a child, but also in the struggles that come with the pandemic, unrest, and forest fires.

In an effort to relieve some of the stress in this struggle, we are hoping to raise $ towards funeral expenses, and to give our friends some time to heal and grieve without the added stress of wondering how to pay bills.

Please join us in supporting them with our love, thoughts, and prayers, and by donating what you can to relieve a bit of the suffering of these beautiful people whom we love so much.

This world is not the same without Jonathan, and we join Kyle and Genece in celebrating his life, in grieving his passing, and praying for the repose of his soul.

He was a kid who was loved, and this love goes with him as he goes to be with his sister Vivian.

Peace to you all.

A Family Gofundme account has been created for Jonathan Cupp’s Memorial –  Gofundme

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