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Death of Hailey Dunn: The 13-year-old girl murdered by Shawn Adkins from Big Spring in 2010



Meet Shawn Adkins of Big Spring, Texas. In 2010, Shawn kidnapped and killed a 13-year-old daughter, Hailey Dunn.

He was never arrested even though the police told her father that he killed his daughter.

Since 2010, The family of the victim has learned that Shawn Adkins has raped at least 2 other women and stalked at least 7 more.

The police refuse to arrest him. Does he have something on them? “I don’t know. Are they corrupt? I don’t know. All I know is enough is enough and I’m asking Facebook to take this story VIRAL.” Mr Dunn said

The PI working Hailey Dunn’murder case wants to speak with every parent and victim of Shawn Casey Adkins to put this coward away forever.

Focus on Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, where they know there are other victims already and places where he spent time.

The photo on the left is from 2010. The photo on the right was taken in October 2019 and sent to us by one of his victims.

Three years after her death, Healy Dunes’ mother revealed that since her daughter’s disappearance more than two years ago, she has feared the worst, including being tied and tortured or a victim of human traffickers.

The investigators gave no indication that Billie Jean Dunn’s concerns about her daughter were true or under what circumstances Haley could have been detained, had she been. Officials did not disclose the method or cause of death, and a spokeswoman for the FBI did not return a call on Tuesday.

In her first public statements since recognizing Healy’s remains, Billie Jean Dunn disclosed that the most painful part was perhaps filming her daughter wondering why her mother and father hadn’t found her.

The 36-year-old said, “I kept my hope all the time. I did.” “This fear that she is dead, I put it in the back of my mind.”

Dunn reported her daughter’s disappearance in December 2010 in Colorado, about 250 miles west of Dallas. A remnant found in March near West Texas Lake about 20 miles last month was identified as belonging to Healy.

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