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German Fitness Influencer, Sammy Baker Shot Dead In Amsterdam


Sammy B Death – Dead: Sammy B German fitness influencer was shot and killed by police in Amsterdam. The German fitness who travelled to Amsterdam to celebrate his birthday was shot three times on Thursday afternoon (August 13th 2020). The officers claimed Sammy B 23 years of age from Wetzlar was seen running through the city with a knife.

Who Is Sammy Baker .. What About Him?

Sammy B whose real name is Samuel Seewald is a 23-year-old fitness influencer who was shot and killed by the police on August 13 when he stood in an Amsterdam garden with a knife in his hands. He threatened to harm himself, was difficult to approach and in a confused state.

Then the German walked up to the officers. They tried to arrest him, but he put one of the officers in his stab vest. On resisting arrest, the police officers shot Sammy three times On the spot. The officers tried to revive from unconsciousness, but he died of his injuries.

Sammy Baker’s Father Reacts To His Son’s Death

Reacting to his son’s death, Sammy B’s father said his son was in Amsterdam to celebrate his birthday, Together with friends, who reported him missing halfway through the week. Samuel’s father writes on Facebook that ‘the Amsterdam police killed his son’. The National Criminal Investigation Department is investigating the deadly shooting incident.

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Sammy B who is a very fashionable man has an Instagram page where he showcases his celebrity lifestyles. The perfect body, always beautiful clothes and travelling to the most beautiful places in the world. But Sammy B. didn’t just want to show off – he wanted to be a role model with his videos and photos. His aim was to give men a positive mental attitude and a good body image. The influencer regularly wrote motivating and stimulating posts and even offered his own mental coaching. But the career of Sammy B.ends horribly. On Thursday, August 13th, the Amsterdam police shot the well-known German fitness influencer *. tz.de reports on the dramatic police operation.

Family Releases Official Statement

As the parents of Sammy, we would like to inform you:

Our beloved son Sammy, our only child, was shot dead by the police in Amsterdam on Aug 13, 2020, 2 days after his 23rd birthday!

He went to Amsterdam to spend his birthday on August 11th, 2020.
On 12th August, we reported him missing at the Amsterdam Police. Since he showed an unusual behaviour (seemed lost and confused), we told the police that he needed medical help. We still donβ€˜t know why he has gotten into this state of mind. We assume a sudden psychosis (investigations are still going on).

On August 13th, Sammy was found by the police. He acted disoriented and seemed exhausted – Sammy called for a doctor. Even in this stage, THE POLICE KNEW ABOUT HIS MENTAL STATE!. He was overwhelmed, already on the ground surrounded by armed forces and killed with 3 shots from one pistol!

As you know, Sammy has helped many people through fitness coaching and mental training, but when he was in a state of mental instability and needed help himself, they responded with fatal shots!

It is the worst thing that can happen to a mother and a father and although we are going through hell emotionally, so many people give us the courage and support to fight for his justice-so that nothing like this will ever happen again in the future!

We have already organized two demonstrations/peace marches and would be happy if the movement against police violence and for better training of the police becomes even bigger.

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