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David’s son Jack Nathan has passed away at the age of 20



Elvis Duran Show mourns the sudden death of David’s son Jack who passed away at the age of 20.

Jack Nathan was the brain behind Happy Jackworld  ( a community and the products created within its pages, as a safe haven for kids who struggle with mental illness. In turn, he helped himself.

In a family statement released recently through their Gofundme account states:

“Our beloved friend and brother passed away. He was loved by everyone and he dedicated his life, day by day, to try and make everyone else’s life better. No matter how big or small. He took the time to ask how people were doing while dealing with a mental illness. Not many people took the time to ask him how HE was doing. We are hurting to hear the news of our great friend and brother Jack Nathan passing away at the age of 20. He had a great life ahead of him. He started a company from the ground up and right when it was picking up, we lost him. “Life is precious.” – Jack Nathan
We love and miss you every minute, Jack.”

“Thank you. Thank you for donating so generously on behalf of our son, Jack Nathan. As you may know, Jack created as an extension of who he was as a person. Jack was a creative and spiritual soul who believed that his very purpose in life was to help those, like himself, living with mental illness. Through art and design, he was able to create a brand that reflected who he was. A brand that allows one to have mixed emotions, to celebrate their uniqueness, and to know that they are not alone. Jack donated a portion of his sales to a recognized foundation whose mission was to support kids like himself.

We tell you this because Jack is an extension of us, his parents. As such, we are committed to continuing Jack’s legacy and vision and intention to change this world for the better.

Thank you again and we hope that you will join us on this journey at”

From Bradi, David and Drew

Who Owns Happy Jackworld

“Happy Jack” is Jack Nathan. HappyJacksWorld is you. Jack created this community, and the products within its pages, as a safe haven for kids who struggle with mental illness. In turn, he helped himself.

He eased his anxiety via painting and design and by loving and helping others. Jack left us suddenly and accidentally on July 3, 2020 at the age of 19.

His passing was unrelated to mental illness. Jack was a survivor. Not a victim. He struggled yes, but he persevered. So that’s what we ask of you. Persevere. For Jack, for us, and for the millions who wrestle with mental illness. Please help to keep Jack’s legacy alive. He was just getting started. Please enter your email below for updates on Happy Jack moving forward.

Bradi Harrison & David Nathan: Happy Jack Mom & Dad

Drew Nathan: Happy Sister


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