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Claire Hurst Death – How Geoff Hurst daughter died in 2010



Claire Hurst Death

Real Name: Claire Hurst
Age: 43 yrs
Cause Of Death: Brain Tumor
Death Date: November 13th 2010
Burial: ——–
Plot Section: ——–
Memorial ID: ——–

The Claire Diane Chris and Alan were heartbroken by the death of their beautiful and beloved daughter on November 13th 2010, aged 43.

The Loving wife to Prent, devoted mother to Tony, cherished sister of James. At peace and free from pain, after a long and courageous fight against cancer. Vibrant, joyful and positive to the end.

Claire, died after a 10-year battle against a brain tumour.

Her father Geoff Hurst who was very much devasted over her illness had been reduced to sitting on the kitchen floor, weeping uncontrollably when her condition was diagnosed.

It was another reminder that sporting legends are not immune to the indiscriminate misfortunes which blight everyday lives.

“Sadly, winning the World Cup does not make you exempt from these things and sometimes life forces you to keep a sense of perspective,” he said.

“I was lucky enough to experience some wonderful things in my career and the memories will stay with me for the rest of my days.

“But I still regard myself as a normal bloke. When people ask me if I’ve got children and grandchildren, they are shocked when I tell them we’re not really a football family.

“My wife, Judith, is a very private lady, and we brought up our kids in a normal, quiet environment rather than under the celebrity spotlight, which was a blessing.

“I just happen to be a normal chap who was successful at something for a while. When they were younger, my daughters almost denied I was their father because they didn’t want any fuss.

“When my youngest, who was born in 1977, was coming home from school one day when she was about 10 – so this was 20-odd years after we won the World Cup – piped up from the back of the car, ‘Daddy, are you famous?’

“I don’t envy today’s big stars. I can walk around the supermarket and get the odd knowing glance, or a thumbs-up, but nowadays if Wayne Rooney scored a hat-trick in the World Cup final he wouldn’t be able to move his trolley up the aisles.”

Claire Hurst funeral was conducted in 2010 after her death.

Clair’s father,  Sir Geoff Hurst is considered to be one of the greatest British footballers after he helped bring home England’s only World Cup win in 1966.

The 77-year-old was recognised for his achievements in his inclusion in The Champions statue in London which commemorates the 1966 World Cup-winning footballers.

The statue also features Martin Peters, Bobby Moore and Ray Wilson.

Sir Geoff’s contribution was commemorated in 2004 when he was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame.

He is also one of a handful of footballers to have been knighted.


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