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Boston, Massachusetts Born Christina Shaw Has passed away



The family of Shaw announces the sudden death of their beloved daughter, mother and friend Christina Shaw.

Christina Shaw death was made known through Juli Smith Caldwell on her Facebook page.

Juli who was lamenting about Christian’s death said:

“In life you meet people, in my opinion, they are a lesson or a blessing, I myself try and show people my love and compassion for them if they don’t accept it that’s OK I will never stop striving to show them that I care no matter who you are ,

Over the past 3 years I have been through un-breakable heartache from the death of my friend Tracy Harrington, to the love of my life Bill to now my friend Christina Shaw, and what I have learned is that God is with us as mad as we get at him, we are born to die, but it is what we take from it that helps us through it.

I myself realize that I can’t change what or who God takes from us but I can thank him for all the blessings in life that he has given me and to realize as long as I continue to live my life as a good person that I will be rewarded. Some people will disagree with me but I see Gods Goodness every day in a smile of a child or a promise of fulfilment it’s there, I just wish everyone could see what I see because it would help us all strive to be better people.  Count your blessings because I do ”


The actual cause of Christina Shaw’s death is still not made public.