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Michael Baggott – What You Need To Know About Him


Is Michael Baggott Dead Or Alive? – What You Need To Know About Him: Information still perpetuated by fake news websites has it that English television personality Michael Baggott has passed away. The false information has been shared countless times on social media. After thorough research, we can confirm that Michael Baggott is very much alive and doing fine. The whole story of his death by some folks is nothing but misinformation.

Michael Baggott has been part of the BBC Flog it TV series for over 15 years having first made his appearance in season 12, 2004. Michael Baggott who is also an author of many books owns an antique store.





He bought his first ‘proper’ antique – a Chester silver Vesta case – for £22.00 while he was still in school. It took him a long time to buy it, as he had to save up his dinner money for over a month.

What Is Flog It!! (BBC TV Show)

Flog It! is a BBC television series that has been broadcast since 27 May 2002, presented by Paul Martin (although the first five episodes were presented by Mark Harnden).

The show follows a similar formula to Antiques Roadshow, with members of the public bringing their antiques to be viewed and valued by a team of experts. However, unlike Antiques Roadshow, the owners are then given the option to sell their items at an auction.

The programme, originally broadcast as part of BBC One’s afternoon schedule, subsequently appeared on BBC Two. It is shown as part of the early evening schedule for short runs, and sometimes also on Saturday afternoons. It was noted in early 2017 that Flog It! had recently filmed its 1000th episode.

Michael Baggott Latest Update On Twitter

As predicted yesterday I didn’t manage to buy furniture that I have absolutely no room for, but what a beauty it was and at least I had a go.

(the only time I wish I had deep pockets is when bidding for things like this).

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