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Breaking News: Duma Jewish terror arson attacker, Amiram Ben Uliel to get 3 life sentences and some additional time



The latest report is that Duma Jewish terror arson attacker will be getting 3 life sentences plus some additional time.

In May 21 2020 The prosecutors where seeking a five-and-a-half-year jail sentence for the culprit.

The Lod District Court heard sentencing arguments about whether the minor connected with the 2015 Duma terror-attack case will be sent to jail or suffice with time served.


Who is Amiram Ben Uliel

Amiram Ben-Uliel, was convicted of murder on Monday; a sentencing hearing, in which life in prison will be considered, will be held for him in June.
In May 2019, the minor cut a plea bargain deal leading to a conviction on reduced charges.

On the one hand, the minor was not only acquitted of murdering the Dawabshe family from the 2015 arson-murder incident, but he was not even convicted of conspiracy to commit murder.

He did confess to a background narrative in which he clearly admits to participating in planning some kind of attack on Duma, including surveillance of that village specifically.

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