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Former Adult Film Actress, Zoe Parker Has Passed Away



Zoe Parker Death – Dead: Ex Popular adult film actress, Zoe Parker has sadly passed away. Zoe Parker was reported to have died on Saturday 13 2020 in her sleep.

Zoe Parker’s death was announced via GoFundMe from her fiance. The GoFundMe post reads below;

“We are sad to report that Zoe Parker passed away in her sleep on September 12th at around 2 am,” the GoFundMe set up to help cover funeral expenses said.

“She was only 24 years old.”

The GoFundMe was started by her fiance, Joe Campbell.

Parker had just recently announced becoming engaged, after moving closer to her family, according to the GoFundMe.

“After leaving the adult industry, Zoe Parker moved back home to Texas to be near her family to start a new life,” the GoFundMe said.

“She had started doing great and recently announced her engagement and by all accounts seemed truly happy for the first time in her life,” the page added.

Zoe Parker got into acting porn movies in 2104. The retired porn has featured in over 100 films and even wrote and produced a few of them. She returned to her home state of Texas in 2018 to begin a new life and career.

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