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Tshego Suicide? Who Is Tshegofatso Reginald Maeco, The Man Who Tried To Take His Own Life Over Depression


A young man who is facing serious depression shocked South African internet users after he dropped a suicide note on twitter.

The young man who said his full names are Tshegofatso Reginald Maeco , 24 years of age took to his twitter handle to drop a suicide letter and said he hopes his family sees it when he is gone.

Read his tweets below:-

My name is Tshegofatso Reginald Maeco , hope this letter will reach my family when am gone. Love you all and sorry I did make it in life I tried where I can, am sorry for all the pain I have cost y’all .i am but I can’t take it anymore whats eating inside is…The loudly crying face is sorry I had to leave.

In a subsequent tweet, Tshego tweeted “Dear Depression you killed me”.

Tshego tweets caused serious tension as people pleaded to him not to continue with his said plans to take his own life over depression.

Tshegofatso Reginald Maeco Update

A twitter user Sinegugu Hlengane has confirmed that Tshego is fine and has been calmed down.

Sinegugu confirmed the information in a series of tweets via her twitter handle.

In her words “Guys Tshego is fine now. He’s calmed down and friends are with him. I will be communicating with a friend from now. I have his name and number too, Thank you all so so much for alerting us and caring this much. No, I do not personally know Tshego but we all need each other”.

A twitter user, Lolah Mashapa also reacted to Tshego’s story

Tshego, Young people in our country are suffering from depression, poverty and a lot more. Our government seems to not care about our situations, we are really trying this education thing Zipper-mouth face-face with a thermometer, we are really trying this entrepreneur thing but without the government’s intervention.

Many have completed different qualifications face with a thermometer, but jobs dololo. Many have started businesses but funding dololoUnamused face. NPOs, NGOs nothing is taken seriously.

As someone who graduated last year and is always stressing about unemployment, I always wonder how those with more than 5years with this situation have survived.

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