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Syekh Ali Jaber – Few Things You Need To Know



Who Is Ali Jaber

Ali Saleh Mohammed Ali Jaber or better known as Syekh Ali Jaber (born in Medina , February 3, 1976 ; age 44 years) is an Indonesian preacher and scholar . He is also a jury at Hafiz Indonesia and a Da’i in various studies on various national television stations.

Personal Life Of Ali Jaber


Since childhood, Ali Jaber has been devoted to reading the Koran . It was his father who initially motivated Ali Jaber to study the Koran. In educating religion, especially Al-Quran and prayer, his father was very strict, even did not hesitate to beat him when little Ali Jaber did not pray . His family is known as a religious family. In Medina he had a large mosque which was used for the spread of Islam. As the first of twelve children, Ali Jaber was required to continue his father’s struggle in the spread of Islam.

Although at first what she was going through was her father’s wish, gradually she realized it was her own need and by the age of eleven, she had memorized 30 chapters of the Quran.

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