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Lia Ladysta – Who Is She?, Few Things You Need To Know



Who Is Lia Ladysta

Lia Ladysta (born Lamongan, a 24 April 1984, age 36 years) is a singer of dangdut nationality Indonesia. Lia is a former member of the Trio Macan. Lia became famous since Trio Macan became famous with their single titled Cat Garong, coupled with their stage appearance which is known to be hot and sensual.

Her Career

Career brilliantly with a vocal group which was later renamed 3 Tigers were eventually abandoned Lia, when he chose to pursue a solo career in 2010 . As well as going solo, he said he was determined to do business so that his future would be more organized. Then, he returned to form a vocal group with the name 5rigala (later changed its name to 3 Srigala ). in 2016 Lia joined the record company PT Pancal Records Indonesia and then released the album Tofu Tempe.


Personal Life Of Lia

Lia is a former lover of actor Andreano Phillip. Lia, who was serious about her relationship with her lover, had expressed her jealousy when she was involved in a hot scene with Rahma Azhari in the film Seducing Curious Spirit , but basically she understood it as one of the role demands.

It turned out that Lia had been married in a series with Mulyadi JP, but this marriage had problems when it turned out that Mulyadi was already married to the West Jakarta District Court, 24 April 2015.

She is better known as Lia Trio Macan, is a dangdut singer who had a successful career with the dangdut vocal group from Jombang, Trio Macan.

Lia started her career as a dangdut singer in 2009, at that time Lia immediately joined the vocal group Trio Macan, replacing the formerly named Lia as well, Lia Ladysta.

Lia had various successes with Trio Macan, one of which was when Trio Macan triumphed through the single song “Iwak Peyek” by H. Imron, who is also a Bonek or supporter of Persebaya Surabaya.

After the success of the song “Iwa Peyek”, Lia and Trio Macan released several singles such as “Oplosan”, “Buka Sitik Joss”, “Tiger Livestock”, “Like You” and others.

Lia Amelia is known as a friendly figure, in her personal life, Lia is active in social media, one of which is Instagram. Besides uploading good photos, Lia also often uses unique captions on her Instagram.

Lists Of Her Songs

Iwak Peyek, Cicilalang – album “Trio Macan” (2013)

Oplosan, Open Sitik Joss – single (2014)

Livestock Tiger, End Yes Break – single (2015)

Edan Down – single (2016)

Special, Jaran Goyang, Half Dead Girlfriend, Half Dead Miss, Police – single (2017)

Love You – single (2018)

Karna Su Sayang (Remix Version) – single (2018)