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#CassperForgivesRikyRick: Cassper And Ricky Finally Settles Their Feud



The feud is finally over between South African music artist Cassper and Ricky – Whatever happened between Cassper and Ricky is water under the bridge. They have moved on and are focusing on their careers. Cassper has forgiven Ricky.

Many woked up the morning with the Twitter hashtag: #CassperForgivesRikyRick trending and to the lovely news that the two musicians have finally settled their differences and have decided to continue their music career in goodwill.


In case you missed  the whole drama:

Cassper forgives quick when it comes to his friends but as for AKA, it’s a long walk to freedom.#CassperForgivesRikyRick

Riky and Cassper have very strong chemistry I can tell. Same as K.O & Nandi Ngoma. But that’s for another day.#CassperForgivesRikyRick So after what happened on Friday Cassper finally forgave Makhado and seems like they’re working on the track “I thought you loved me”.

So after that drama, Cassper and Riky finally kiss and make up? So they do love each other, Portrait artist will start drawing portraits of Cassper and RikyRick now, lol…

They only shine when an icon has died or in moments like this one. Cassper posted a snippet of his new single titled “Rick & Moffy(Mufasa)” and it features Riky Rick.

South Africans are happy that their favourite musicians have reconciled and Makepeace which meant that there’s no longer going to be beef between the two celebrities.

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