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What Happened To Liz Hayes Dad


Liz Hayes Death – Dead: Liz Hayes Father has passed away. The Journalist’s dad was said to have died in February 2020 due to Catastrophic failure of hospital care. This Sunday in 60 minutes Australia Liz Hayes will be telling the story of how her father died and what he went through.

Liz Hayes Invistages Her Father’s Death (Speaks On 60 Minutes Australia)

Liz Hayes is investigating the death of her dad. According to Liz, her father died as a result of a catastrophic stroke. She further stated that the medication prescribed for her dad was not given to him for eight days. My dad said he was always fearful something like that would happen.

“I didn’t want to tell the story because it is so painful, it is so raw but I just had to tell the story, and if I didn’t tell the story I’d let my dad down, Liz Hayes said.

The medical stuff-ups killing our loved ones. This Sunday on 60 Minutes Australia, the most important story of Liz Hayes’ career is one she never wanted to tell. How her own father died after a catastrophic failure of hospital care.

Who Is Liz Hayes?

Liz Hayes is an Australian reported, journalist and TV presenter who best known for her work as a reporter on 60 Minutes, and as a former co-host of Today Australia.

Liz’s started off her career in 1981 as a cadet journalist on the local Manning River Times newspaper, becoming an assistant editor. She moved to Sydney and worked for New Idea and TV Week for a few weeks, before becoming a reporter for Network Ten’s Eyewitness News.

That same year she got signed to the Nine Network, reporting for National Nine News and then presenting the National Nine Morning News. In 1986, Hayes was appointed co-host of Today Australia with Steve Liebmann and stayed co-host until 1996 with Tracy Grimshaw replacing her. In 1996, she joined 60 Minutes as a reporter and remains in this position today. In 2011, Hayes celebrated 30 years with the Nine Network.

People Reacts To Liz Hayes Story

Suzie Rayner wrote – I’ve been saying for many many years, we pay for our mistakes, doctors bury their mistakes. Have had several serious blunders by Drs & Hospital staff. In saying that, have also had good experiences.

Cheryl Dobson wrote – I lost my husband on 16th May nothing will bring him back but a lot of questions need to be answered for me also I promised him he would never die alone he did he was not given the last rights why have I left an audio message on my mobile to tell me husband had died and many more questions I need answers for my heart is broken too.

Roxane Dempsey wrote – The health system covers these up all the time. I know from experience. Their incompetence is responsible for the premature death of my mum.

Simone Rolls wrote – Needing an emergency c section the anaesthetist almost injected my epidural medication into the cannula in my hand instead of the cannula in my spine.., I think I would have died had the head anaesthetist not knocked the syringe from his hand before he tried to insert the needle into the port. Scariest moment of my life realising the incompetence I had just witnessed.

Waz Bal wrote – Around 35,000 are reported every year, but its more like the rest up to 83,000 are covered up….and it’s sad because most are just tired overworked staff… making mistakes…millions of procedures..and prescriptions it’s just a mathematical dilemma… 8 billion in the world. around 57 million die every year..and around 141 million are born. And around, and around we go.

Samantha Rapson wrote – I don’t watch 60 minutes. I have to be honest. However, I saw this ad and it broke my heart. I had a similar experience in 2019 with my father and my family will never be the same again. I would love to be able to share my story, privately, with Liz. I send her my heartfelt condolences. This is just so so sad.

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