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60 years after his assassination, Belgium announces that it will give Patrice Lumumba a tooth to his family


60 years after the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, his family receives the remains of his remains. The Belgian authorities have said they want to return a tooth that belonged to Patrice Lumumba, assassinated in 1961 by Belgian police with the complicity of the CIA and the British MI6.

The daughter of the former Congolese head of state, publicly welcomed this long-awaited decision

“My first reaction, of course, is a great victory! Because finally, 60 years later, the remains of my father who died for his country and for his independence and for the dignity of the black man, will return to the land of his ancestors. So that’s a good thing. But the fact remains that we have read the declaration in the press and we are waiting to be officially served and to know now under what conditions these remains will be handed over. Said Juliana Lumumba.

Committed to obtaining the least relic of her father, Juliana Lumumba had addressed a request to the Belgian King so that the remains of Patrice Lumumba are buried on his native land. A request which seems to find good continuation and Juliana Lumumba already contemplates “his victory”.

As a reminder, in 2000, the Belgian police officer Gérard Soete confessed to AFP that he had participated in the elimination of the body of Patrice Lumumba.

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