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Chef, Aaron Grissom Has Passed Away



Aaron Grissom Death – Dead: Moshi Moshi Tacoma Chef Aaron Grissom has sadly passed away. Aaron Grissom was reported to have tragically died yesterday 9th September 2020. According to reports Aaron Grisson was involved in a fatal motorcycle crash out near chambers bay Wednesday night. He came back home from Mexico to visit his family.


Chris Dotson wrote – Yesterday we lost a great dude, a phenomenal cook, and a fellow riding brother. Aaron Grissom, you will be greatly missed by many! I hope you enjoyed your last ride and went out with a smile on your face.

William Anderson wrote – Aaron Grissom every day I will be sad you didn’t ask me to go riding with you more. Or that I didn’t do the same. You’ve gone way too soon and I will miss our long chats about food and cooking and bikes. I am completely heartbroken and You will be forever missed. RIDE IN PARADISE BROTHER. REST IN PEACE CHEF. love you.

Dominic Vaccaro wrote – Oh fuck I was just there last night that’s shitty. Riding is fun but damn I’ve lost and almost lost people to it.

Laeken Lanegan wrote – Oh no, Will. I’m so sorry! I’m sure you have great memories with him. The Moshi Moshi soft opening was definitely one! He was so generous to us that night!.

Heather Johns wrote – No, this is terrible. I regret not eating his fried grasshopper when I ran into him at a mariners game This is sad, he was solid.

Andre Buttelo who is saddened by the death of Aaron said he taught him much and always treated him like a brother.

Thank you, Aaron Grissom, for all the kindness and patience you showed me, you taught me much and you always treated me like an equal and encouraged me to test myself in the kitchen, you were not just a coworker you were my friend, we had some good laughs you will be sorely missed RIP. Damn you Aaron why you gotta try to be superman all the time, he said.

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