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Kim Woojin Scandal: Former Stray Kids’ Member Reacts To Sexual Assault Accusations



Agency Stray Kids’ Member Kim Woojin responds to Sexual Assault scandal.

On September 7, Woojin rumors of sexual harassment of women at a bar began to spread on social media. According to an anonymous poster on Twitter, an idol star suspected to be Woojin trying to use his fame to pick up a woman at a bar, and when he refused, he responded with anger and resentment at least two women. Since rumors began to circulate, other idol stars have also been drawn to the allegations.

Woojin himself has now spoken on Twitter, and he also let fans know that he is preparing a solo album. He posted:

“Hello. This is Kim Woojin.

Today, I had an incredible experience … I let fans know what happened with this post.

Someone posted a strange rumor on Twitter and deleted his account …

I have never met that person, and I have never been to the place where they spoke.

I know my fans would have been surprised, but that doesn’t really be a barrel of worry too much.

Also, I recently found an institution that my heart agrees with, so I’m working hard to prepare a solo promotion.

My label plans to take legal action against the spread of false rumors, and any response after this will be dealt with by the label so please do not worry too much.

Okay, I’ll update you on the news again. Thanks.”

In other news, Woojin officially released Stray Kids in October last year for personal reasons.

10x Entertainment disassociate themselves from the scandal claiming that they are not associates with Kim.

“Hi there! It has come to our attention we are being confused with another entity – potentially controversial. Our company is not associated with a Kim Woojin. We are a local DJ duo based in Chicagoland!”

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