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#ClicksShutdown: Clicks Lemon Tree Heavily Protested By The EFF March Members



EFF clicks March has been staged at the Click Tree Mall and the deputy president Floyd Shivambu says their plan is clear, they will be here and many other Clicks South Africa outlets all year long if they need to, to make sure of closures.

Meanwhile, The Clicks at Safeway’s Centre in Emalahleni (Witbank) was on Monday 7 September 2020 petrol-bombed.

According to the police revealed that there was minor damage recorded, with just a trolley catching fire.

Management of Safeway’s Clicks confirmed the incident. They said they were still conducting an investigation into the incident.

At the nearby Highveld Mall, a few EFF members have gathered in the parking lot. Inside the mall, the opening time has come and gone with the roller doors yet to be opened. Staff arrived at work in their plain clothes and were apparently advised to use a back entrance by security.

EFF protestors still here in Sandton City outside Clicks seemingly not allowed to leave this area.

At this point, lights have been switched off at the Sandton City Clicks SA store.

They were supposed to have opened at 9 am this morning. Employees, however, are still inside the store.

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