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Missing 20-year-old rapper Slutty Sonny confirmed dead


We have just learned that 20-year-old rapper Slutty Sonny was pronounced dead on August 31st.

His family found out in the morning after the wanted notice was issued.

A great loss for a young artist with great potential.


Slutty Sonny whose real name is Jordan Williams went missing and the day after they filed a missing persons report they found his dead body instead.

There hasn’t been any news or information linking to what actually caused Slutty Sunny’s death.

Slutty Sonny was an underground rapper around the age of 18 or 19. He’s been uploading music to SoundCloud a year ago (as of 1/13/19) with his song called “Silent Pulse”. He’s also apart of a collective called Vampire Cult with frequent collaborator Kamikaze Kay.

He had two albums out as of 1/13/19, his first album was called +Life of Arachnid & Butterfly+ that came out August 29th, 2018 with 6 tracks and has two of his most popular songs on it. “Blind Date” that has 121k plays on Soundcloud and “Arachnid” that has 106k plays on Soundcloud.

The type of music Sutty Sonny did where Trap Metal, Rap, Alternative Rock/Rap, Indie, Ambient, Metal, and sad boi type shit. But mainly Alternative Rock and Trap Metal.

Tributes Floods..









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