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Peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters set fire to U-Haul in Rochester



An ongoing Peaceful Black Lives Matter protest turns out to be violent after the protesters set fire to U-Haul in Rochester.

Mob of Black Lives Matter protesters took to the streets in Rochester again tonight.

According to reports, If you’re moving out, they’ll burn your stuff.

“If they don’t give us our sh*t, we’ll shut it down.” Black Lives Matter protesters in Rochester demand reparations.

There were some people standing on a roof in Rochester, who are  called “rioters.” They were residents.


Apparently that’s me posting disinformation about a “peaceful protest.” The same “peaceful protest” where this happened, that no one wants to talk about.” said Ian Miles from Twitter

Officer are continuing to be hit with bottles and rocks. In an attempt to stop this behavior, officers have advanced in small measured increments to disperse the crowd.

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