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#JusticeforAbongile – Who is Abongile? Young Teenager was raped and impregnated by men who are free roaming around the streets of South Africa



#TeenagePregnancy is trending right now, it is all because of a young teenager by name Abongile who is right now a victim of rape.

According to reports reaching us, Abongile was rape by an unknown person whose identity has not been verified and they are free-roaming the streets of South Africa unnoticed.


Many Tweeps have asked that justice should prevail over her case in as much as there have been several cases of rape in the country which the victims ended up without any form of action taken to prosecute their offender by the law enforcement agencies.

Right now South Africans are calling on the police to start an investigation on Abongile’s apparent rapists and fish them out from where they are hiding to face the full wrath of the law.

Tweeps Reaction:

@SAPoliceService Abongile was Raped and impregnated by her rapist but he still roams the streets cause They have to wait for DNA…Kwenzakalani mara e South Africa 😭😭😭 #teenagepregnancy #JusticeForAbongile

— #TeamDonald ❤❤ (@Neinei_Ngubs) September 5, 2020


I would like us to leave certain legacies where we will say we fought #coronavirus, gender-based violence & femicide, #corruption. We should say we have left a legacy of having eradicated all these pandemics. We must take action that will reposition the lives of our people.

— Cyril Ramaphosa 🇿🇦 #StaySafe (@CyrilRamaphosa) September 4, 2020


Please help this child #justiceforAbongile #teenagepregnancy was raped by old man,she is 15,the man is roaming the streets,family has turned against her,she is left with her father for support,plz

— Coco (@kokocmg1972) September 5, 2020

Justice must be served for this young girl even if they can bring the man who raped her to me so I can deal with him going to jail for her I won’t mind

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