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Endellion Lycett Green Death: Missing Endellion Lycett Green Found



Missing Endellion Lycett Green has been found she is alive and not dead. The 51-year-old Endellion Lycett Green was reported missing last after family raised the alarm of her disappearance.

Authorities have revealed that the body recovered from an Ornamental lake in front of Kensington Palace, Prince Willand and Kate Middleton stay when they visit London was identified as artist Endellion Lycett Green.

According to reports, Her body was pulled out of the Round Pond. Saturday morning.

Endellion a few days ago release an official statement that her sister, has been found and that she is alive.

“My sister Endellion is alive, safe and well,” her brother John Lycett Green told friends in a message quoted by the Mail.

“Sorry to all of you that, like us, were grieving for the wonder that is Delli. We were told a body was found and was her. It was not, and Delli was found last night,” the messaged continued.

“RIP the soul that was found in Kensington Round Pond on Saturday morning.”

Till now the identity of a body found in an ornamental lake at Kensington Palace remains unknown.

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